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Bat Ye’or


Born in Cairo, B
at Ye’or became a stateless refugee in 1957 and a British citizen in 1959. She dedicated her whole life as an author and researcher to chronicling the treatment of non-Muslims in Islamic societies. She coined the word “dhimmitude” to describe the submissive attitude expected of non-Muslims as second-class citizens. Supported by her late husband, a  renowned scholar himself, David Littman, she published numerous studies on this and related topics. Many became classics, like The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam (1985) and Eurabia (2005). Bat Ye’or’s writings have been widely translated and her views and insights have inspired scholars, activists, and politicians from around the globe. 

Understanding Dhimmitude brings together for the first time twenty-one talks and lectures in which Bat Ye’or explains in layman’s terms the essential concepts from her studies, the fruit of over four decades of groundbreaking research.